Monday, March 2, 2009

Homework and Teacher Expectations

Homework is a formative assessment technique. It is important for teachers to give students homework. This type of paper-and-pencil assessment lets students practice and extend their learning. It is important to review the results of homework not just for correctness, but for what the work reveals about students' thinking. Formative assessment is not used for grading. It is used before instruction, to find out where students are, and during instruction, to find out how they are progressing. Students should keep learning even after they leave the classroom. Homework allows students to progress toward achieving learning targets. One problem with homework is that parents or an older sibling might be doing the student's homework for them. The problem with this is that there is no clear way to assess a student's ability because the teacher is not sure if it's the students own work. If students do not do their own homework, in the end they are only hurting themselves. On the day of the test they're are going to have to do the work themselves.
In my future classroom, I will expect my students to complete their homework themselves. I want my students to have fun so that they will want to do their homework and learn outside of the classrom. In order to know if my students know the material I will give them tests an quizzes to monitor their progress.


  1. Alyssa,

    I blogged almost about the same thing. I agree that homework is necessary and education needs to occur further then just the classroom. However, do you think there are specific atmospheres it should occur in?

    In my blog I talked about how an after school program I tutored at last year was not at all designed for students to do homework yet they made them and majority of the students got barely any homework accomplished and what they did get done was not done while they were concentrated. The kids doing homework were always looking around and wanting to play or do arts and crafts that other kids were doing.

    I think students need to do homework in a room that is quiet where they can concentrate with a parent near so if they need guidance it is available.

  2. I agree that homework should be completed in a quiet room where the students can concentrate and get their work done in a timely manner. Students, especially younger children get distracted easily.