Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Le Book

I though Le Book was very funny!! I love how it was making fun of people now who ask simple questions about computers and the Internet. It reminded me of my mom a little bit. She had to create a webpage for the eighth grade at her school and every month she has to update it. I've shown her how to save a picture and insert it onto the webpage many times and every month she forgets and I have to show her again! To me and other people who are technology savvy think certain things are so easy but to others it really isn't.


  1. I love this video just for that reason! I think of all the "veteran" teachers who would drag me into their rooms to help them turn on or off their computers!

    I am glad you enjoyed.

  2. This is so true Alyssa and I am probably old enough to be your mom! But - I am sure your mom can do alot of things other people cannot. I am pretty knowledgeable from a technology standpoint - but I refuse to learn some things - like downloading onto an ipon and things like that ...I make my kids to it for me so I don't have to. Maybe your mom has the same idea! It is true what Dr. Luongo said - it is so funny to see how veteran teachers respond to updating their web page - its almost like they don't want to learn something new - isn't that a contradiction to our profession.

  3. This is funny but true. I think since we are so technology based the people who aren't used to computers pose a lot of questions that may seem ridiculous to us. But it seems they are kind of forced to catch up.

  4. However, I have to admit that although I can blog, upload images, and "tweet", I cannot use a sewing machine or poach an egg.

    I am being serious here.:) Which skills are more important? Or, are they...?

  5. LOL! I can't poach an egg either but my mom can so what does that say??

  6. Exactly!

    Yet, has she added a Bumper Sticker on Facebook?