Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rubrics and Rubistar Website

Rubrics are very important for teachers and students. Rubrics allow teachers to see how they are going to assess their students' work and they let students know what they need to do to get a good score. Rubrics not only improve scoring consistency, they also improve validity by clarifying the standards of achievement a teacher will use to evaluate his/her students. Another way to record assessments of students are with checklists. Checklists consist of a list of specific behaviors, chracteristics, or activities and a place for marking whether each is present or absent. In my future classroom, I will definitely use rubrics and checklists to asses my students' work so I can be a fair grader.
I love the Rubistar Website! The first time I ever heard about it was from Dr. Luongo in my Teaching Language Arts class. I've used the website to create rubrics and checklists for my lesson plans. The website is easy and convenient. It has allowed me to create various rubrics for lesson plans I needed to do for my Language Arts class and my other education courses. In the future, the wesbsite will make it is easier for me to create rubrics so that I can assess my students' work.


  1. Alyssa
    I agree the rubistar website is awesome. Also, rubrics are a great why to not only improve scoring consistency but, also vadilty.Checklist are great for behavior or attendance and things of the nature but not evaluation of students work. Good Post!

  2. Alyssa,
    I totally agree about the Rubistar website! It is a great resource for any classroom. Nice post!