Friday, April 24, 2009

Standardized Tests

In my personal experience with standardized tests, I have found that I do better in school than I do on standardized tests. In elementary school I always made First Fonors; in high school I always Received Distinguished honors; and in college I am on Dean's List. I have always gotten good grades but for some reason my standardized test scores were not up to par with my school grades. My SAT scores were just average and they did not reflect the type of student I really was.
I understand that there are state-mandated standardized tests and that they are important to use for appropriate purpose only. But personally, I would not like to look at students' standardized tests scores as a means of assessment. I would rather look at my students' overall progress during the school year to assess them properly.


  1. Lys, haha now that's conchy! For me it was just the opposite. I wasn't a great student in high school but you wouldn't know it by looking at my standardized test scores!

  2. Alyssa,
    I agree with you. I also have always had the same problem with standardized tests. I do not think they properly evaluate students. Nice post.

  3. You made good points in your post. I agree also, lots of times students get very nervous taking tests and it doesn't accurately portray what they have learned. They aren't able to focus on the questions, they focus on the outcome.

  4. Alyssa,
    I can completely agree with you. I was not great at taking standardized test,and that did not reflect me as a student. Standardize test are not good evaluations to me but, the students' progress is.